Monday, 13 January 2014

The mysteries of IM's revealed! Part the first.

Just what do they talk about, when they are stood there for ages at a time? Are they trading tawdry IM's? are they asleep? are they discussing you perhaps?  Read on, and all shall be revealed...

Innini: Pompous cat: :

Annemarie: "I'm sitting on an exquisitely carved and inlaid late austro-hungarian empire cabinet with a rare painted wood cutting as my background, you are standing up bending over squinting through a small metal box"

Innini: haha.. fucking cat.

Annemarie: "I can has teh neo-gothic cabinet?"

Innini: You can has. I has teh hungry.

Annemarie: I had has teh smoked ham.

Innini: I am making an omelette for dinner, onions, ham, cheese, lots of tabasco.

Annemarie: That's a good omelette. Hmm, now...interesting question....

Innini: Is listening...

Annemarie: Do you like your omelettes cooked so that they are browned on one side or two, or at all?

Innini: Well that is certainly an interesting question. I do like them browned on both sides. Not burned obviously, but when you use cheese in it, the slightly browned surface will make the cheese taste better. Now, I will use three eggs in the omelette, and it will of course fill the entire pan. Turning it in one piece has proven too hard for my limited skills. Trying that will only result in a broken and horribly fucked up omelette that is displeasing to the eye. I therefore lower the heat and let it simmer on one side until the top is starting to solidify. I then gently fold it in two.

Annemarie: * Applause*

Innini: (Yes, I present myself with a medal before eating it) lol.

Annemarie: See above for accompanying applause.
We are omelette compatible. This is a milestone in the development of our relationship.

Innini: Phew.. those things are make or break situations.

Annemarie: Anything to do with eggs usually is. See what I did there?

Innini: lol, I saw it just now.

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