Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Innini Chronicles - Part 2

[14:40] Amy: hi again
[14:40] Innini: hello
[14:41] Amy: how are you?
[14:41] Innini: I am doing great. you?
[14:42] Amy: oh i am fine too
[14:43] Amy: you look so mysterius
[14:43] Innini: I am like an open book
[14:45] Amy: lol really?
[14:45] Innini: Yes, I am almost not mysterious at all
[14:46] Amy blushes
[14:47] Amy: can i ask you something ?
[14:47] Innini: of course
[14:48] Amy: do you like girls?
[14:48] Innini: Do you mean for eating?
[14:49] Amy grins
[14:49] Amy: i hope nor
[14:49] Amy: not
[14:49] Innini: I get a little confused sometimes
[14:50] Amy: to play with , or to have fun with so to speak
[14:51] Innini: I took a girl with my on my boat once. That was fun. Then she fell into the water and I never saw her again
[14:54] Amy: what an awfull story

[14:54] Innini: It wasnt so bad, she didnt dent the boat or anything


[21:52] Taylor: I see you like black!
[21:52] Innini: yes i do
[21:53] Taylor: That's good news.
[21:53] Innini: it is?
[21:54] Taylor: I would say so, I could add to that outfit for sure.
[21:57] Innini: *Looks at you* Hmm, I do think you are right. Good height, broad build. No tattoos as far as I can tell. That skin can look absolutely awesome on me. I have someone who does all the leather-work for me, he is a master craftman. Now, if you would follow me to my shed. Are there any you wish to say goodbye to before we go?
[21:58] Taylor: No.
[22:00] Taylor: No thanks, then.
[22:00] Innini: Oh, your skin will be mine.. when you least expect it
[22:01] Taylor: lol, maybe.  Then again I may just take you.
[22:01] Innini: Laughs.. that is not very likely


(Note: MrsEnid is my old lady alt.. She is at least 90 years old. In wheelchair. Always drunk. This took place at the Gor-hub)

[08:12] MrsEnid: Hello... I am looking for a nice gorean tribe. I prefer a tribe that is bad at fighting, because I would like to get captured a lot. I have not had a man since my husband died 23 years ago. My legs are weak, so I will fairly easy to capture.
[08:13] Shelly (asia.chun): o.O
[08:13] Elef (elefeneder.footpad): bellows out a laugh
[08:13] Shelly (asia.chun): that's different
[08:13] FeatherSoft (softfeather): turns and smiles
[08:13] FeatherSoft (softfeather): as the Master laughs hearitly
[08:13] Elef (elefeneder.footpad): honest though
[08:14] MrsEnid: I got a new leather bikini, and as soon as i am done with this drink, i will put it on
[08:14] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): dies laughing
[08:15] MrsEnid: I have one request though.. The tribe must not have any staircases. I am willing to drop that requirement, if the tribe are willing to carry me up the stairs. no fondling though.
[08:15] MrsEnid: ok, fondling is permitted
[08:15] Shelly (asia.chun): do ropes that you must climb count?
[08:16] MrsEnid: I have incredibly strong arms from wheeling around in this thing
[08:16] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): lmao
[08:16] MrsEnid: I hear good things about the zima.. any zimas here?
[08:16] Shelly (asia.chun): sounds like a refreshing beverage
[08:17] John Castle (johncastle): That's what I was thiinking...
[08:17] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): you are sooo sexy MrsEnid!
[08:17] John Castle (johncastle): Well, aside from the 'refreshing' part. :P
[08:17] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): mmhmm
[08:17] MrsEnid: oh.. regarding beverages.. please stop the nonsense.. it is coffee.. not "blackwine"
[08:17] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): i am not sure about that but i am itching for a fight hopefully turia are not as silk dressed sleens as i hear :P
[08:17] MrsEnid: I had a sleen once, but it ate 12 of my cats
[08:18] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): hahha
[08:18] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): omgaaaa
[08:18] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): hahaa
[08:18] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): i rather try to have a pet Kur than a sleen they stink
[08:18] MrsEnid: I dont like to talk too much about this, but my breasts are sagging so much, that i dont really use the bikini top. I just stuff them into the panties
[08:20] MrsEnid: Hello Mr Thor.. So what do you say? I think I can be a valuable addition to your flock.. i mean, tribe
[08:20] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): snorts....."flock....." gigglesnorts
[08:21] MrsEnid: I can drink any enemy under the table
[08:22] MrsEnid: young lady, walking around with no panties is a sure way to have a yeast infection.. trust me, i know
[08:22] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): ((*facepalms**))
[08:22] John Castle (johncastle): I always thought the sure way for a girl to get a yeast infection was to use her hoo-ha for a lunchbox.
[08:23] John Castle (johncastle): No! The sammich does not GO in there!
[08:23] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): doubles over laughing
[08:23] FeatherSoft (softfeather): sighs
[08:23] MrsEnid: yes, but once the men gets a taste of it, its no stopping them.. would you like a taste? just pick off the crusts
[08:23] JayJay (jayden.kalchek) examin herself... looking for her erhm... hoo-ha
[08:24] John Castle (johncastle): Tastes like chicken! Smells like fish!
[08:24] MrsEnid: I have not used my vagina for sex since Carter was president
[08:24] John Castle (johncastle): Aaaaaaaanyway...
[08:26] MrsEnid: did you put all your clothes in your packpack, young lady?
[08:26] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc) exclaims "HIDE FROMME WILL YE WOMAN!"
[08:27] MrsEnid: Yay!! I will hide, and you fill find me and capture me!!! This will be so much fun!!

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