Monday, 13 January 2014

The mysteries of IM's revealed! Part the first.

Just what do they talk about, when they are stood there for ages at a time? Are they trading tawdry IM's? are they asleep? are they discussing you perhaps?  Read on, and all shall be revealed...

Innini: Pompous cat: :

Annemarie: "I'm sitting on an exquisitely carved and inlaid late austro-hungarian empire cabinet with a rare painted wood cutting as my background, you are standing up bending over squinting through a small metal box"

Innini: haha.. fucking cat.

Annemarie: "I can has teh neo-gothic cabinet?"

Innini: You can has. I has teh hungry.

Annemarie: I had has teh smoked ham.

Innini: I am making an omelette for dinner, onions, ham, cheese, lots of tabasco.

Annemarie: That's a good omelette. Hmm, now...interesting question....

Innini: Is listening...

Annemarie: Do you like your omelettes cooked so that they are browned on one side or two, or at all?

Innini: Well that is certainly an interesting question. I do like them browned on both sides. Not burned obviously, but when you use cheese in it, the slightly browned surface will make the cheese taste better. Now, I will use three eggs in the omelette, and it will of course fill the entire pan. Turning it in one piece has proven too hard for my limited skills. Trying that will only result in a broken and horribly fucked up omelette that is displeasing to the eye. I therefore lower the heat and let it simmer on one side until the top is starting to solidify. I then gently fold it in two.

Annemarie: * Applause*

Innini: (Yes, I present myself with a medal before eating it) lol.

Annemarie: See above for accompanying applause.
We are omelette compatible. This is a milestone in the development of our relationship.

Innini: Phew.. those things are make or break situations.

Annemarie: Anything to do with eggs usually is. See what I did there?

Innini: lol, I saw it just now.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Innini Chronicles - Part 2

[14:40] Amy: hi again
[14:40] Innini: hello
[14:41] Amy: how are you?
[14:41] Innini: I am doing great. you?
[14:42] Amy: oh i am fine too
[14:43] Amy: you look so mysterius
[14:43] Innini: I am like an open book
[14:45] Amy: lol really?
[14:45] Innini: Yes, I am almost not mysterious at all
[14:46] Amy blushes
[14:47] Amy: can i ask you something ?
[14:47] Innini: of course
[14:48] Amy: do you like girls?
[14:48] Innini: Do you mean for eating?
[14:49] Amy grins
[14:49] Amy: i hope nor
[14:49] Amy: not
[14:49] Innini: I get a little confused sometimes
[14:50] Amy: to play with , or to have fun with so to speak
[14:51] Innini: I took a girl with my on my boat once. That was fun. Then she fell into the water and I never saw her again
[14:54] Amy: what an awfull story

[14:54] Innini: It wasnt so bad, she didnt dent the boat or anything


[21:52] Taylor: I see you like black!
[21:52] Innini: yes i do
[21:53] Taylor: That's good news.
[21:53] Innini: it is?
[21:54] Taylor: I would say so, I could add to that outfit for sure.
[21:57] Innini: *Looks at you* Hmm, I do think you are right. Good height, broad build. No tattoos as far as I can tell. That skin can look absolutely awesome on me. I have someone who does all the leather-work for me, he is a master craftman. Now, if you would follow me to my shed. Are there any you wish to say goodbye to before we go?
[21:58] Taylor: No.
[22:00] Taylor: No thanks, then.
[22:00] Innini: Oh, your skin will be mine.. when you least expect it
[22:01] Taylor: lol, maybe.  Then again I may just take you.
[22:01] Innini: Laughs.. that is not very likely


(Note: MrsEnid is my old lady alt.. She is at least 90 years old. In wheelchair. Always drunk. This took place at the Gor-hub)

[08:12] MrsEnid: Hello... I am looking for a nice gorean tribe. I prefer a tribe that is bad at fighting, because I would like to get captured a lot. I have not had a man since my husband died 23 years ago. My legs are weak, so I will fairly easy to capture.
[08:13] Shelly (asia.chun): o.O
[08:13] Elef (elefeneder.footpad): bellows out a laugh
[08:13] Shelly (asia.chun): that's different
[08:13] FeatherSoft (softfeather): turns and smiles
[08:13] FeatherSoft (softfeather): as the Master laughs hearitly
[08:13] Elef (elefeneder.footpad): honest though
[08:14] MrsEnid: I got a new leather bikini, and as soon as i am done with this drink, i will put it on
[08:14] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): dies laughing
[08:15] MrsEnid: I have one request though.. The tribe must not have any staircases. I am willing to drop that requirement, if the tribe are willing to carry me up the stairs. no fondling though.
[08:15] MrsEnid: ok, fondling is permitted
[08:15] Shelly (asia.chun): do ropes that you must climb count?
[08:16] MrsEnid: I have incredibly strong arms from wheeling around in this thing
[08:16] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): lmao
[08:16] MrsEnid: I hear good things about the zima.. any zimas here?
[08:16] Shelly (asia.chun): sounds like a refreshing beverage
[08:17] John Castle (johncastle): That's what I was thiinking...
[08:17] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): you are sooo sexy MrsEnid!
[08:17] John Castle (johncastle): Well, aside from the 'refreshing' part. :P
[08:17] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): mmhmm
[08:17] MrsEnid: oh.. regarding beverages.. please stop the nonsense.. it is coffee.. not "blackwine"
[08:17] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): i am not sure about that but i am itching for a fight hopefully turia are not as silk dressed sleens as i hear :P
[08:17] MrsEnid: I had a sleen once, but it ate 12 of my cats
[08:18] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): hahha
[08:18] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): omgaaaa
[08:18] JayJay (jayden.kalchek): hahaa
[08:18] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): i rather try to have a pet Kur than a sleen they stink
[08:18] MrsEnid: I dont like to talk too much about this, but my breasts are sagging so much, that i dont really use the bikini top. I just stuff them into the panties
[08:20] MrsEnid: Hello Mr Thor.. So what do you say? I think I can be a valuable addition to your flock.. i mean, tribe
[08:20] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): snorts....."flock....." gigglesnorts
[08:21] MrsEnid: I can drink any enemy under the table
[08:22] MrsEnid: young lady, walking around with no panties is a sure way to have a yeast infection.. trust me, i know
[08:22] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): ((*facepalms**))
[08:22] John Castle (johncastle): I always thought the sure way for a girl to get a yeast infection was to use her hoo-ha for a lunchbox.
[08:23] John Castle (johncastle): No! The sammich does not GO in there!
[08:23] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc): doubles over laughing
[08:23] FeatherSoft (softfeather): sighs
[08:23] MrsEnid: yes, but once the men gets a taste of it, its no stopping them.. would you like a taste? just pick off the crusts
[08:23] JayJay (jayden.kalchek) examin herself... looking for her erhm... hoo-ha
[08:24] John Castle (johncastle): Tastes like chicken! Smells like fish!
[08:24] MrsEnid: I have not used my vagina for sex since Carter was president
[08:24] John Castle (johncastle): Aaaaaaaanyway...
[08:26] MrsEnid: did you put all your clothes in your packpack, young lady?
[08:26] Garik Darkwings (shaddoc) exclaims "HIDE FROMME WILL YE WOMAN!"
[08:27] MrsEnid: Yay!! I will hide, and you fill find me and capture me!!! This will be so much fun!!