Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Grong! It's just Grong!

Innini: Hehe, the person to the right:

Annemarie: what is so special about big boobied bimbos in SL, am I missing something?

Innini: Just the proportions horribly grong

Annemarie: grong!

Innini: Wrong

Annemarie: what a perfect word. no no. its grong

Innini: We should apply a meaning to the word.. "Meaning of Liff"-style. Grong: The tendency to overfocus on a specific part of the body, and inability to design it in proportions to any other body part. Also, Ctrl-T will reveal a huge cock

Annemarie: Grong: The results following the abuse of av appearence sliders and gratuitous attachements producing grossly disproportionate body shapes, generally focused around bust and hips.

Innini: And Ass.. Dont forget the ass.

Annemarie: Note: cntrl-t will often reveal a similarly disproportionate pee-nor

Innini: Would you say that the ass is part of the hips? or a separate body part?

Annemarie: I was being delicate.

Innini: oh, that suits you! :)

Annemarie: Well of course, I....wait a minute, is that sarcasm?!?

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