Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Innini Chronicles - Part 1

Over time, I have saved a few conversations. Might as well share them here. Enjoy. Or hate. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

Just read, will you?

[10:50]  Sabrina: Hi. Cute profile. I like cookies tooo.
[10:50]  Innini Resident: lol. everybode likes cookies :)
[10:51]  Sabrina: I need someone like you to be my mommy.
[10:53]  Innini Resident: I am a terrible mommy. I always forget where i put my kids. There are probably hundreds of dried little carcases lying around in cupboards and under beds
[10:53]  Sabrina: oooooooooo you are wicked. just my type of mommy.
[10:54]  Innini Resident: unless you want to be a dried up carcass, I am probably not your type :)
[10:55]  Sabrina: will i look like a prune?
[10:55]  Innini Resident: yes, only not so soft as a prune
[10:55]  Sabrina: awwwww


I noticed a woman with a demo skin and a tag that said : Call Of Cthulhu Clan
This is what happened :)

[01:27]  Innini Resident: Did Cthulhu go ahead and make another clan now? I told him that he was not allowed. There will be a talk when he comes home
[01:30]  VampireGirl: excuse me, who are you?
[01:30]  Innini Resident: What? Did he not mention me? He always does that
[01:31]  Innini Resident: Lets just say that he has special needs. I wont go as far as to say that he is retarded, but yes, he need assistance
[01:32]  VampireGirl: and who excatly are you referring to?
[01:32]  Innini Resident: Cthulhu of course
[01:32]  Innini Resident: Head of your clan
[01:33]  Innini Resident: Do you know his whereabouts? He left without taking some of his medication
[01:33]  VampireGirl: who the hell are you talking about? i dont even know you
[01:34]  Innini Resident: Are you not member of the Call of Cthulhu Clan?
[01:34]  VampireGirl: and if i am, what is to you?
[01:35]  VampireGirl: or do you randomly insult people?
[01:35]  Innini Resident: I am merely concerned about his health. He has not been well lately, and to be honest, he is not allowed to make any more clans.  Sigh.. it always end in disaster
[01:36]  VampireGirl: give a nme pls
[01:36]  VampireGirl: name*
[01:36]  VampireGirl: you will be talking in riddles if you dont give a name
[01:36]  Innini Resident: Cthulhu.. We are talking about Cthulhu
[01:37]  Innini Resident: Any way you can put me in contact with him?
[01:38]  VampireGirl: Cthulhu is the name of our clan, yes....but our founder is not of the same name
[01:38]  VampireGirl: though the clan's name is inspired by one of his favorite novels by Lovecraft
[01:40]  Innini Resident: Yes, the one about Chutie, I know. You dont have to hide him you know. Regardless of what he says himself, he really need to come home, take his medication and just relax a bit. He need his support element, if you know what I mean
[01:40]  VampireGirl: im sorry to say, miss, but there is noone of the name Cthulhu is i our clan
[01:40]  VampireGirl: in*
[01:41]  Innini Resident: Oh dear.. do we have to go through all this?
[01:41]  VampireGirl: sure, go ahead
[01:41]  VampireGirl: i have nothing to hide
[01:41]  Innini Resident: I could get him extracted against everyones will, but I think its best if we just play along nicely
[01:42]  VampireGirl: there's nothing to extract from me
[01:42]  VampireGirl: i am a vampire
[01:42]  Innini Resident: No, I understand that he is too big for you to conceal on your body.
[01:42]  Innini Resident: Is it vampire or zombies that does the brain thing?
[01:42]  VampireGirl: brain?
[01:43]  VampireGirl: no we dont do brain things
[01:43]  VampireGirl: excuse me, but if there's nothing else, i'll be going
[01:43]  Innini Resident: No, that was becoming apparent
[01:43]  VampireGirl: yeah, and its apparent you need your medications too, hun
[01:43]  Innini Resident: Have a nice and bitey day. If you see Chuthie, tell him to be home at once!
[01:44]  VampireGirl: if you see your psychiatrist, pls say hi for me
[01:44]  VampireGirl: good day


I saw a huge minoteur on a beach for SL teens/kids. 

[12:02]  Innini Resident: you are ONE cute doggy!!! :)
[12:03]  Minoteur: doggy
[12:03]  Minoteur: ?
[12:03]  Innini Resident: Come closer so i can pet you
[12:03]  Minoteur: lol
[12:04]  Innini Resident: I am near the fire.. dont be scared.. come closer
[12:04]  Minoteur: i am busy find a real dog
[12:04]  Minoteur: lol
[12:04]  Innini Resident: that even cuter.. he thinks he is not a doggy :)
[12:09]  Minoteur: are you so dumb to think that u can overcome ur low self esteem, by calling me a doggy, when clearly I am a different animal, or u just say that crap to everyone taller than u that makes u feel little
[12:09]  Minoteur: lol
[12:10]  Minoteur: thats not cute
[12:10]  Minoteur: thats a pity
[12:10]  Minoteur: lol
[12:10]  Innini Resident: aww.. so hostile.. and i who had decided to wait a bit before i neutred you
[12:10]  Minoteur: I am hostile, I am sarcastic
[12:10]  Minoteur: lol
[12:11]  Minoteur: u moron
[12:11]  Innini Resident: try not saying "lol" all the time.. it kinda ruins the effect
[12:11]  Minoteur: thats the stupidest rp ever
[12:11]  Minoteur: and btw
[12:12]  Minoteur: I am not trying to achieve any effect
[12:12]  Minoteur: I just want u to stop bothering me
[12:12]  Innini Resident: that is VERY funny.. did you think this was rp? dear god..
[12:12]  Minoteur: cuz obviosly I am not interested
[12:12]  Innini Resident: you must be playing in gor, they have a terrible taste for rp
[12:12]  Minoteur: ok
[12:12]  Minoteur: good
[12:12]  Minoteur: go rp with someone u like
[12:13]  Minoteur: i dont really care
[12:13]  Innini Resident: of course you care. this conversation is proof of that. silly dog
[12:18]  Minoteur: i am just curious, in what twisted way y are fucked up
[12:19]  Minoteur: cuz u are one of a kind, u are special, as the psychiatrist will tell you
[12:19]  Minoteur: lol
[12:20]  Minoteur: dont worry I think there is someone fucked up just like u, so u can feel normal
[12:20]  Minoteur: lol
[12:20]  Minoteur: when u are with him her
[12:20]  Minoteur: lol
[12:20]  Innini Resident: You are curious because you are a little dog who crave my attention. nothing more, or less. and do stop with the "lol". it is as out of character as you at this beach
[12:20]  Minoteur: who cares
[12:20]  Minoteur: well
[12:21]  Minoteur: I have the attention of 3 other women, right now,  but I am not calling them fucked up,
[12:22]  Innini Resident: That is amazing. truly. and still you are here, seeking my attention. Tell you what, come here and kneel to me, then i will pet you and forgive you this sillyness
[12:23]  Minoteur: that is amaizing, I said that I am just curious, and still u manage to twisted that somehow u are under control
[12:23]  Minoteur: lol
[12:23]  Minoteur: ur brain jjust choses to ignores
[12:23]  Minoteur: some stuff
[12:24]  Minoteur: doestn it
[12:24]  Minoteur: lol
[12:24]  Minoteur: I dont know even where are u and what u look like
[12:24]  Minoteur: are u male or female?
[12:24]  Innini Resident: so its true? dogs cant look up?
[12:25]  Minoteur: u should find a talking dog and ask it
[12:25]  Minoteur: lol
[12:25]  Minoteur: cant help u
[12:26]  Innini Resident: Denial is very hard to overcome. But you can do it with the proper motivation
[12:26]  Minoteur: well u can call me a horse too, but still I am gonna be bull for everyone else beside u
[12:26]  Minoteur: lol
[12:27]  Innini Resident: you can be a bulldog or a poodle. matters little to me as long as you kneel to me
[12:27]  Innini Resident: you know you want to
[12:28]  Minoteur: well apparently I am not kneeling before u
[12:28]  Minoteur: lol
[12:28]  Minoteur: neither I am a dog
[12:28]  Minoteur: so u are just delusional
[12:28]  Innini Resident: are those "lol"s the equivalent of nervous ticks?
[12:28]  Innini Resident: are you scared?
[12:29]  Minoteur: its just sarcasm, are u familiar with the concept?
[12:29]  Minoteur: lol

[12:29]  Innini Resident: Yes, I invented it. I didnt add many "lol"s to it though

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