Friday, 29 November 2013

An open letter to the American Psychology Association

Dear American Psychology Association

We have waited, patiently, for a response to our important paper.
We know, oh my how we know, of the work load involved in doing important science, as we ourselves are scientists. But to not get so much as an acknowledgment is, frankly, a slight to our reputation. Which, I assure you, is of the very finest.

We would ask you to consider the seething hordes of furrys and associated travellers who, in between frenzied bouts of yiffing, are asking themselves some pretty searching questions. "Where did I leave my neko ears", "why do the dry cleaners look at me that way when I bring my fox suit to them" and "how long can I leave this tail in place before I get toxic shock".

Our important paper answers none of those questions, but it does answer others. Mostly questions that we posed ourselves, to better suit our hypothesis. But you already knew that, and silently approved, we know this.

So, we are sure that you will be back to us forthwith, and look forward to talking about science with you, our fellow science people.

Yours in Science
Dr's Innini & Breen.

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