Thursday, 31 October 2013

Here at Fish Press, we encourage the creative need, and we will work to make sure you have a place to come to when you want to show people a story you've written, or maybe a poem, or some pictures you've taken that are more than, well, just pictures.
Or maybe you've made a sketch or a drawing...whatever the expression, we are interested in it.
Second Life is where we come from, or at least, for the purpose of making this blog, it's where we come from. Be careful not to ping the TOS too hard, or what happened to me, as transcribed below, might happen to you...
"Interrogation room 3, Officer ID JK8P75, begin tape....."
State your name please..
"annemarie Breen"
Is that with and e? as in Ann or Anne?
"With an e, and lowercase a"
Why the lowercase?
"Thats the name I rezz'd with, that's the name I keep, no supplementary tag or crap like that." is a bit...noob?
"yes it is"
That doesn't bother you obviously..
"No....hmm well maybe once it did, but at some point I stopped caring, and at another I began caring again but, this time differently."
Could you explain a little more?
"Not really" says here you are..difficult
"Does it now"
Yes, it does. It also says you are cynical, envious, spiteful, duplicious...
"this is getting interesting!"
...that you are, and I quote, "a f*cking bitch" "that smart mouthed c*nt" and, my favourite, "a sad lonely assh*le"
Are those things true or false?
"Why are you asking me?"
Because it's my job to ask questions, and I want to know what you think of those descriptions
"To be honest...asking me what I think, about what other people think of me, is like being told by someone they don't like the taste of meat, and then asking me if I think they are telling the truth or not."
That's a very simplistic way of looking at it, or, a clever, if transparant bit of deflection..
"Ok...maybe it's like asking the cow from whom the meat was cut, while she was alive, and asking it the same question. Maybe the answer would be something like "I have no way of knowing if they actually don't like how I taste, all I know is it hurts."
So you're a cow now..
"you might as well add it to that list you like so much"
I didn't say I liked it, just that I'm interested in it.
"Fair enough"
Ok..why do you think people have said those things of you?
"Because they are true"
You accept all of that? all those things?
"I do yes"
I that all you have to say about it?
"Pretty much"
You're not even interested in who said it, or why?
"I didn't say that"
Then what did you say? you said they were true..
"Yes, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested, that's a question you have only half-posed just now"
Ok...ok...what do you do, to make people think those things about you?
"Be myself"
Very funny, could you cooperate please? and answer at least one question honestly?
"Now a very stupid question"
Fuck sake, end of session 1, pause tape.
 Interrogation room 3, Officer ID JK8P75, restarting tape, time is...15:03.., I have been thinking about our previous session, and perhaps I have come across as being adversarial, if I have that wasn't my intention, and I want to start over, so to speak..
"I don't see you as an advarsary"
Good, because, I'm not.
Now..we have this information, these testemonies from various people, and some of it is quite...well some of those people have nothing good to say about you whatsoever"
"Ok" the natural question has to must see this..why do they think these things, why do they say these things, about you?
"It's a natural question yes, but you are asking the wrong person"
How do you mean?
"If you want to know why, you must ask them, not me."
So, you are taking no responsibility at all for any of this..
"It'd be more correct to say I'm taking no interest"
"Are you alright?"
Yes, I'm ...fine.
"You seem to be uncomfortable, or something"
I'm fine...just that you are, difficult to ask questions of
"I'm not, I haven't prevented you from asking a single question"
Ok! then you are difficult to get an answer from!
"And again, I am not, I have answered every question you have posed"
Oh jesus christ for fu.....just....stop being so literal
"Well, I'm doing that deliberatly, to annoy you."
I knew it!
"Your powers of interrogation are breathtaking"
Stop the fucking....pausing tape, damn it.
Interrogation room 3, Officer ID ST2T01, intervention protocol as per EOP404 commencing at this time, mark...08:27.
"Good morning"
Good morning annemarie.....annemarie with a lower case a..
"that's right yes"
That's your opinion, and your classification of what's right or wrong are not important to me.
"Ok...seems silly though"
What does?
"The fact that I'm being questioned, but my opinion isn't of any interest to you."
Ah...I begin to understand why I've been asked to enact this protocol. No matter, I've got a job to do, and I'll do it.
.....You frustrated your previous interrogator I see, the transcript says as much to me, I don't think I need to listen to the previous tapes.
"You might miss out on verbal tonation cues and nuance though..."
I might..but there again, that's your opinion, and you already know what I think of that.
"I do!"
Alright.....I think I can dispense with the usual tier advancement stuff, you seem to be able to exploit that method..
"Maybe if it had been better applied?"
Maybe....that is academic at this point.
"As is this entire process"
....Listen to me, annemarie with a lower case a, you can play your game all you want, it really doesnt matter to me. When this is over I will return to my office and forget about you, if I haven't already done so by the time I get there.
"Is that a degenerative thing you have?"
...You know, it's at times like this I do miss the old methods, I'd be done by now and you'd be picking up your teeth from the floor.
"Have you communicated your issue to your immediate supervisor as part of the established performance management programme?"
Shut up you annoying bitch.
"Why would an interrogator want the subject to stop talking?"
"Maybe this line of work doesn't suit you anymore, we all change, over time." know the reason you are here, why don't you just tell me what is going through your mind, and then we can be done. You can go, and I can go, we both win.
"Alright..everything is true, at one time or another. I do and say things that make people feel less than friendly towards me, and sometimes I do it deliberatly, and sometimes accidentally.
The result is the same. I wish I could harmonise better, but I never could.
I cannot pretend to feel empathy, anymore than I could participate in purile, inane exchanges that consist of formulaic salutations and pseudo-enquiries that are nothing more than a crude construct to facilitate an all but scripted series of
carnally suggestive comments.
At best it's ritualistic herd speake, at worst it's the devisive propaganda of personality worship."
Ok.....anything else?
"That, and I have an ego the size of central Europe"
I think we're done here
"This was interesting, can we do it again sometime?"
No, we cannot..
"oh go on"
No! and no I will not accept your friend request, get out!...ahm..Officer ID ST2T01, ending intervention protocol as per EOP404, no, I repeat for clarity, no corrective actions or further interviews required. End tape.

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