Thursday, 31 October 2013

What's all this about?

A creative desire.

Creativity, has more than a few definitions. I'm not going to list them or anything so dull as that, but it's worth recognising that the word itself, and the concept of what it means, is not perfectly clear. So, speaking for myself (I can never do anymore than that), I prefer to focus on it's seed, and that is desire.
Desire is the seed of many things I guess, but if I was to make the distinction between desire and need, it would be that the fulfillment of desire is not essential to a persons survival. For example, we can say we hunger, and call that desire, but that's just semantics.
Real hunger makes us want to eat, it's a need. I can desire to write and not do so, and while that may make me unhappy, dissastisfied or unfulfilled, well it won't kill me.

So what's this all about then, eh? Why did Innini and I come up with the idea of making Fish Press? Because we desired to do so, because both of us like to make things that have no practical use whatsoever, they just look interesting, or nice, or unusual, they make us laugh and maybe others too, they sound good, they make us want to have a bit of a dance, or transport us to a place in our minds where we feel good.

And we both realised that even the most simple of collaborations, a conversation, facilitates creativity. Things said and read, heard and wrote, spark other things to do, or make us want to change things we've already done or are doing.

So this is where we will show what we do, to others.
And this is where others, who want to show their stuff, can come to do it.
And this is where everyone can talk about it.

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